PTRC is a small specialist transport consultancy with a long and successful record in delivery of high quality projects. PTRC (together with its predecessors) has been operating since 1987. PTRC offers a range of consulting services, and regularly works co-operatively with experts in other fields to develop solutions for clients.

The many projects undertaken for clients can be divided into groups as follows:

For Government

  • Advice on Options for Regulatory Reform
  • Policy Development initiatives
  • Technical Standards Development
  • Regulatory Impact Statements and Benefit Cost Analyses
  • Technology Solutions
  • Risk Analysis
  • Prediction
  • Information

For the transport industry

  • Representations to government
  • Co-ordination of PBS projects and applications
  • Co-ordination of investigations and research
  • Preparation of publications
  • Advice on legal and policy constraints

Director Bob Pearson has been involved in road transport issues since 1976. Some of the highlights have been:

  • Principal adviser on road transport regulatory issues to NAASRA (now Austroads, the national organisation of State and Territory road and transport agencies) from 1978 to 1987;
  • Principal consultant to the InterState Commission for their 1988/89 work on harmonisation of Australian road vehicles regulations, including preparation of two publications summarising road transport regulation in Australia;
  • Director Technical Standards for the National Road Transport Commission from its inception in 1991 until returning to consulting in early 1996;
  • Director PTRC since 1996

Bob Pearson is the author of the publication

“B-doubles: the first decade in Australia"

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